Accessory function which checks if a path is absolute or relative; if relative, use a specified parent directory instead than the working dorectory to expand it. Useful for functions which accept more than one path as arguments, in which one of them contains the absolute position, and the others do not.

expand_path(path, parent = getwd(), silent = TRUE, normalize = TRUE)



The path name (character) to check ad eventually expand.


The parent directory (character) to use if path is relative (default value: the working directory).


Logical value: if TRUE (default), no message are shown; if FALSE, a message inform if parent were applied or not; if NA, a warning is returned if path is expanded, nothing if it is already an absolute path.


Logical value: if TRUE (default), the path is normalised (normalizePath is applied); if FALSE it is simply appended.


R objects which are concatenated.


The path eventually expanded.


License: GPL 3.0